About the new logo of Russian Houses


At the beginning of this year, following the results of the competition, we chose a new name for our representative offices – «Russian Houses» and the question of visualizing this image inevitably arose. It seemed important to us to reflect in this image both modern, technological Russia, and our spiritual traditions, history. This is how the concept of a QR code appeared. It combines architectural heritage, statehood, openness to the world, and inclusion in information flows. The QR code also includes a link to the Agency’s website, which makes it very practical and functional. And the inscription «Russian House» can be selected in different languages, depending on the geographical location of the country. Someone also sees in this picture a kind of window to Russia or elements of an open book, which also corresponds to our task of promoting Russian education abroad. These elements are even more evident in the logo version for non-state «Russian Houses».

We are planning to gradually introduce new symbols in our representative offices. This style will make them more attractive to foreign youth, and the general branding will allow to immediately immerse a person in the atmosphere of a Russian House, in whatever country he or she visits it. All this is part of an overall strategy to turn the Russian Houses into the points of attraction, noticeable part of the citywide landscape in other states.

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