The Russian house in Belgrade is preparing two exclusive exhibitions for the 145th anniversary of the Serbian-Turkish war

Published: 20.09.2021







From 24 September, in the Historical Museum of Belgrade, the Serbian public will for the first time be presented with documents from the personal archive of General Chernyaev, a chief commander of the Serbian army in the Russo-Turkish War in 1876. Materials were collected from the funds of the State Historical Museum of Russia.

From 24 September to 7 October, in the exhibition halls of the Serbian Postal Museum, the Russian House will present an exposition of frontline sketches that were never published before and sketches by the great Russian artist Vasily Polenov, who fought with the Turks in volunteer units and was awarded the Order of the Cross of Takovos For Bravery. Drawings were collected from the funds of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Polenov Museum.

The exhibition will open with a presentation of a postage stamp created on the basis of Polenov's front sketches specially for the 145th anniversary of the war and the arrival of Russian volunteers.