About the work of the Russian Houses during the elections to the State Duma

Published: 22.09.2021


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From September 17 to 19, elections to the State Duma of Russia were held. Compatriots living abroad could get acquainted with the voting rules, biographies and programs of candidates in the Russian Houses. In Berlin and Tel Aviv, during the election campaign, the platforms of the Russian House were used to organize meetings of candidates for deputies with voters.

Last Sunday, Russian Houses in Belarus, Hungary, Greece, Israel, India, Kazakhstan, the Congo, Laos, Lebanon, Moldova, Palestine, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan and the Czech Republic became polling stations. In addition, in Lebanon, for example, free buses from different regions of the country were organized for those who wanted to take part in the elections, because not all voters could get to Beirut on their own.


In Abkhazia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Nepal, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the Agency’s employees joined the precinct election commissions.

On the evening of September 20, Moldova was in the lead in terms of the number of Russian citizens who voted, where more than 57 thousand people took part in the elections, Tajikistan was the second in terms of the number of Russians who voted, where 6.5 thousand ballots were dropped into the ballot boxes.

In Western Europe, France became the leader of the vote, where 1,735 Russian citizens came to the polling stations, London took the second place, where more than 1,500 Russians voted. Italy took the third place, where 829 people came to vote.

In South America, the highest voter turnout was noted in Argentina, where 235 Russians came to the ballot boxes.

Full data on how Russian citizens voted abroad will be published by the Central Election Commission (CEC) in the coming days. It is expected that the final results of the State Duma elections will be officially approved by the CEC next Friday - September 24.