Virtual tour of the Russian House in Belgrade

Published: 05.10.2021




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Russian House in Belgrade

On October 6, a virtual tour will take place at the Russian House in Belgrade. The director of the Russian House in Belgrade Evgeny Baranov will show how the Russian cultural center works and tell about its history and modern activities.

The Russian House in Belgrade is the oldest Russian cultural center abroad. It was opened in 1933 with the assistance of the princely family of Karageorgievich and under the patronage of academician-slavist Alexander Belich. «The Russian House named after Emperor Nicholas II» — that was its original name - became the center of the cultural life of the Russian emigration in Serbia.

Russian language courses, screenings of feature films and theatrical performances, and literary presentations are taking place at the Russian House in Belgrade today. The library of the Russian House is considered to be one of the largest Russian libraries in Europe. A remote electronic reading room of the Presidential Library which is located in St. Petersburg has been opened in its multimedia center.

The online broadcast will begin on October 6 at 12:00 at the link.