«Stalingrad in British history» – an exhibition in Coventry

Published: 07.10.2021


Great Britain




Russian House in London




The exhibition "Stalingrad in British History" has been opened in Coventry. Rare Russian and British documents, footages and memoirs of witnesses tell about humanitarian aid sent from Coventry dwellers to the Soviet city during WW2. All these materials were donated to Coventry by the Russian House in London

The heroic fate of Stalingrad triggered a mass public action in Coventry to collect donations for the ruined city on the Volga. «From the city demolished to the ground by the main enemy of civilization our hearts reach out to those, who die and suffer much more than we do» - this message sent from the British town to the Soviet city in 1941 marked the beginning of friendship between Coventry and Stalingrad.

«Cherishing this memory is especially important to prevent any attempts to falsify history. There is still hope that we can avoid such tragedies in future, till we remember our history», - noticed the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Great Britain Andrei Kelin during the opening of the exhibition.