The main goal of our work is to make as many people as possible to know and love Russia in different countries of the world. All the changes being made today in the work of our Russian houses are aimed at this, and the key performance indicators that we have formulated are also permeated by this. Our representatives have a difficult task, because we, in fact, fight for the minds and hearts of people and compete with others for their free time. Which is better: sit at home and watch a TV series or go to the Russian Cinema Week? Read the friends’ comments on social networks or flip through the feed of the Russian House?

Surely, we would like to make Russian Houses the centres of attraction, where we would like to come and have a good time. But at the same time, we orient our colleagues towards the constant expansion of the network of partners, towards the work outside the capitals, towards holding events at the intersection of cultures. The involvement of young people is also very important, which means the ability to demonstrate all the possibilities of modern Russia and speak the same language with children, even on such serious topics as preserving historical memory.

The system of non-state Russian houses should also help us in this matter. In cooperation with local NGOs, universities, businesses, compatriots, we are ready to open new places of presence on the world map that will be able to promote the Russian language, education, culture and tourism potential. This will make more flexible system for promoting the Russian humanitarian influence.

Deputy Head

Dmitry Valerievich Polikanov