Russian Humanitarian Mission implements several directions of medical care in different regions, depending on local needs. Thus, within the framework of the comprehensive aid program for Serbia, Russian Humanitarian Mission handed over two mobile clinics, and together with the central clinical hospitals organized diagnostic examinations of the population.

In total, more than 3 tons of medicines and medical supplies were delivered to hospitals in Syria, Republika Srpska, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Russia. Russian Humanitarian Mission did not stand away during the pandemic. A collection of medical protection funds was organized, and more than 1,000 sets of test systems to detect COVID-19 were sent to Venezuela and Peru. Thanks to the project "Volunteers in Medicine" 500 volunteers, schoolchildren and students, provided all possible assistance in the daily work of 9 Moscow hospitals.


The "Mobile Clinic" project has become part of a comprehensive aid program for Serbia. Within its framework Russian Humanitarian Mission together with central clinical hospitals conducts diagnostic examinations of the population and provides assistance to patients. Two mobile clinics, created on the basis of all-wheel drive vehicles with increased cross-country capability, were transferred to the regions.

During the pandemic, cars were additionally equipped with mobile lung ventilation systems, a shortage of which is observed in a number of medical institutions in the region. Several hundred residents of 40 inaccessible settlements received assistance under the project. The medical examination and consultations were carried out, in particular, by Russian doctors cooperating with Russian Humanitarian Mission.


Russian Humanitarian Mission implements projects that allow schoolchildren to work on a voluntary basis in medical institutions, make sure of their choice of profession and assist in real conditions. We cooperate with several leading metropolitan healthcare institutions of various profiles.

Our mentors and coordinators share their experience with newcomers and carry out preparatory work. Time has shown that the idea of practical volunteering proves its relevance and usefulness for socially active youth.

Medical staff, in turn, note the importance of the voluntary help, which is especially necessary during the difficult period of the pandemic.

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